We have a fleet of Bike Pod Pro bicycle transport cases for hire.

To rent one simply decide on the number of days/weeks you want the case, give us a call and we'll reserve one for your selected dates. 

Our charges are £7 per day. Please note that your hire period starts on the first day and ends on the last day inclusive.

Boxes are available from 9.30am on the first day and must be returned to us 30 minutes prior to our closing on the last day. Late returns are charged at £14 per day.

Please be aware that we don't insure our cases or your cycle so you need to organise your insurances yourself. Any loss or damage to the pod is your responsibility and you will be charged for any repair or losses. Please return the box to us clean (no mud, sticks, fruit or other unmentionables in the boxes please). 

Please Note: Each Pod is supplied in good order. All wheels, locks, hinges and other parts are all checked for security/operation before a Pod is released. Each Pod is supplied with one key, internal straps and foam protector sheets, two wheel protectors and two dropout savers as well as a Pull Strap. Please ensure ALL parts are returned to us in good order. Loss of or damage to any of these items will incur additional charges decided by us (A new Pull Strap will cost you £20 if it is damaged or lost.). Please check your Bike Pod before you leave us for your trip and raise any issues prior to leaving. We will ask you to read and sign our Hire Terms and Conditions  prior to your taking a Bike Pod. Hiring a Bike Pod is conditional on your agreeing to all our T & Cs.

We can pack your cycle for you if you wish but there is a £15 charge payable for this service. Please remember that if you require us to pack the cycle for you we will need you to drop the cycle to us with a few days notice. If we do pack it for you, please remember you will need some small tools to assemble the cycle at the other end. If you want your cycle rebuilt on your return we can do so; prices for a rebuild start at £25 .Prices differ as your cycle may require setting up/repair to ensure your gears, brakes and other equipment are working.

Call us on 020 8767 5614 to reserve one now.


We will take and hold securely your Credit/Debit card details along with the postal details for the address where the card is registered. We will check those details by charging you a Penny. If we do not get a complete match for the card we will not be able to rent you the case.

We understand that your plans may change and you may need to cancel your trip. Unfortunately, once payment has been taken it means we have set aside a Bike Pod for you (and may have declined another customer the dates in question) so we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed hire fee if you cancel with more than 14 days notice. Unfortunately we will not offer a refund for any cancellation with less than 14 days notice.