Gold Service


Gold Service £79 plus parts

We recommend our Gold Service should happen every 6 months if you are a regular user and it is our most popular service level as it includes a full inspection of your frame and fork for any damage and for alignment and a clean down for your frame to get it looking smart. We check both your wheels for damage to the rims, tyres and hubs and we check bearings for any play and adjust as necessary. We then re-tension your spokes and get the wheels running true. 

We remove all of your drive train including your front and rear derailleurs, chain set, chain and cassette and we inspect each part for wear and operation before cleaning them all down in our parts cleaner. We also clean those wheels and get them sparkling too.

All your drive train parts are cleaned in our bio washer so they are all shiny!

While those parts are drying we're on to your headset which we check for operation and any play is adjusted as necessary so that your steering works perfectly. Your bottom bracket is then checked for wear and adjusted as necessary to ensure there's no movement and all the creaks and groans are gone.

We then rebuild your cycle using proper greases and oils and tighten your nuts and bolts to correct torque. Brakes and gears are up next and any brake pads, cables and outers are fitted to ensure your gear changes are smooth and your brakes operate sharply.

Finally we give it a polish to ensure it looks as good as it can and then its off for a test ride.

Internal Cables

Running of internal cables may attract a supplementary charge.

Valet Fee

We'd like it if your bike was fairly clean when you brought it in as it is a drag having to chip away mud and grease before we start work, but it's not essential. If your bicycle is particularly heavily soiled we may charge a supplementary valet fee!

Hydraulic Brakes

Bleeding hydraulic brakes is not covered under any of our set service plans. A charge of £25 per brake is applicable if a bleed is necessary.

Parts sourced elsewhere

Please see our Q & A page for our policy on parts sourced elsewhere.

What do we do under our Gold Service

Frame and Forks - cleaned, inspected, checked for alignment/damage.

Wheels - tyres, spokes, hubs and rims checked for damage. Hubs are checked for play and adjusted as required. Wheels are then re-trued laterally to exacting standards. Specialist wheels may incur a supplementary charge for truing.

Headset - checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary. 

Bottom Bracket - checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary.

Drive Train - Chainset, front and rear derailleur, chain and cassette are removed and inspected. Where they can still be used each part visits our bio-remediating washer and all parts are deep cleaned.

Brakes - brake callipers are removed and cleaned if possible and adjustments are made to ensure correct operation.

Fixings - All parts including new cables, outers and fixings are fitted, set up and  tightened to correct torque settings as the service is progressed.

Seized Parts - We can find items such as seatposts, bottom brackets or quill stems are seized in place. If we find a part is firmly held in place we will not automatically try to move it. Where operation is not compromised we will leave it in situ.Seized parts can often be freed but the effort can be intensive and may require significant extra labour costs.  Freeing a seized part is not included in the cost of any of our standard services.

Finally - We run through the cycle with a torque wrench to ensure all fixings are tight and the cycle passes a final safety inspection. We lastly test ride your cycle to check that it's running properly and that we're happy to let it go.