We operate a fully equipped and insured workshop. We invest heavily in the latest tools and training to ensure we keep abreast of the latest technologies and best practice across our industry. We don't cut corners when we service your bicycle or put our clients safety at risk. We think our clients like it that way.

Are We Specialists?

We carry out all service and repairs for any bicycle including everyday commuters to full road racing or mountain bikes and include Shimano and Campagnolo electronic group sets within our field. We are also old school so stripping down and servicing that old Sturmey Archer 3 speed is no problem either! Our mechanics are Cytech Level 3, Campagnolo EPS and Shimano Di2 qualified and boast more than 30 years of knowledge, knowhow and experience and always work to the very highest standards.

Service Plans

We have four general services; Platinum, Gold , Silver and Bronze as well as individual service items to cover most eventualities.

Regardless of service level we will always inspect parts for wear as we progress any repair and will try to advise clients accordingly if we feel any major parts should be changed. As a matter of course we will change any cable, outer or brake pads and other small parts at our discretion if we believe it will improve operation and particularly if we feel it is a matter of safety. All parts are chargeable and are in addition to any labour.

Valet Fee

We'd like it if your bike was fairly clean when you brought it in as it is a drag having to chip away mud and grease before we start work, but it's not essential. If your bicycle is particularly heavily soiled we may charge a supplementary valet fee!

Internal Cables

Running of internal cables may attract a supplementary charge.

Hydraulic Brakes

Bleeding hydraulic brakes is not covered under any of our set service plans. A charge of £25 per brake is applicable if a bleed is necessary.


When we undertake a service for you we always take a contact number so we can discus any issues. We will always try to contact clients to discus any major parts or labour that come to light as we progress a repair but where we have been unable to make contact we will, at our discretion, make the most effective mechanical repair.

Additional parts or labour

If additional parts or labour is required outside the scope of your chosen set service we will try to contact you to discus the issues. We can then agree an upgraded service or if a more cost effective solution is available.

Where we find your service is falling outside of our normal service plans/labour rates, you can expect to pay a pro rata rate of £40 per hour. We will of course do our best to call you to discus any issues.


'It is easier to do the job right than to explain why you didn't.' - Martin Van Buren

'It is easier to do the job right than to explain why you didn't.' - Martin Van Buren

We work on all bicycle systems including the main brands such as Shimano (including Di2), Campagnolo (including EPS) and Sram.

Parts Sourced Elsewhere

Please understand that our business can only remain viable where we can offer a complete parts and labour service. We do our best to only ever change parts that must be changed and to charge the recommended retail price for parts. If you choose to source your parts elsewhere and bring them to us to fit please be prepared to pay a supplementary labour fee. Please see our Q and A for further details of this Policy.