Website up and running and other matters


We had a few false starts but the website is finally up and running. Still a work in progress but the bones are all in place for the future. It seems to work as we intended, you can view it through mobile devices as well as desk tops and it has a contact page. All in all its not so bad. More improvements to come of course.


We've got a new set of service levels designed to more readily meet the needs of customers so check out the Services section of the site.

Online service booking

We're looking at offering an online booking service, which is not easy to arrange so watch this space for developments here.

Shop improvements

We are now into our 8th year and are now turning our attention to improving the store itself. It will involve a shift around of some things in our store, more display areas, improved lighting, painting and a refreshed set of displays with clearer merchandising. There will be some upheaval of course and it won't happen over night but we're determined to make shopping with us a better experience all round.


Part of the refresh is a decision to not carry certain items in the future so that means we're still offering savings on shirts, shorts and gloves, so pass by and pick up a bargain. We're also offering 10% off any of our stock bikes!