November 2015

Winter Service

With the arrival of some foggy mornings it seems that Winter is here. That means for many that the bicycle is put away until we get to next Spring! For the more hard-core riders, there are the joys of Winter cycling ahead be it the commute in to work or the rigours of Winter Training.

If you are putting your bicycle away don't forget to prepare it for storage, get it cleaned up (don't put it away dirty, it'll only spell trouble!!), lubed and ready for next season.  Don't forget to cover it if you are leaving it outside as otherwise, come Spring, there will be a hefty service waiting. We have single, double and triple bike covers in store from £22.99..

If you are riding through the next few months then we're here and ready to service your cycle throughout those tough Winter days! Good Luck and ride safely.

Turbo Training

For some,  the arrival of Winter means the dreaded Turbo trainer! We carry any number of turbo trainers to order from Minoura, Tacx and others as well as the tyres designed specifically for use on your turbo. If you are thinking of turbo this season then why not pop in and see if we have anything to suit your needs. If you are in an upstairs flat, you might want to get some high density weight training mat to deaden the sound while you are at it!

Lights & Hi-Viz

Talking of Winter still, don't get caught out with the early sunsets! We must all show lights front and rear and you can pick up emergency set for about £10 a pair! Or why not push the boat out a little  and pick up a good set of USB re-chargeable lights for about £30 a light. The better the lights the more they tend to cost, but it's dangerous out there so, be prepared with lights, helmets and something Hi-viz.


Not for everyone I agree, but for many the use of mudguards throughout the rainy months is a must. You can pick up a clip on mudguard set from about £20.

Bike Pod Pro Hire

If you are planning some warm weather training this Winter, don't forget to book your Bike Pod Pro transit case early. Although we have a large fleet of cases, they do get snapped up well in advance!


Don't forget that we need to secure our bikes if we are leaving them unattended ever. With the nights drawing in, that means more time for that bike thief to get your bike away. Any lock is better than no lock, but think about £30 or more for a reasonably secure lock. If you buy it from us we'll even fit it for free!

Talking of Thieves

We had our Air Ambulance Charity box lifted from us a few weeks ago! It's a s*#t thing to do but that's life unfortunately. We grabbed the thief's image from our CCTV (check out our Twitter and Facebook page if you want to see the culprit) and that's with the Police now! He came back last week and tried to get our Poppy Appeal box this time, but we were on to him and he had to leave empty handed.