Our re-fit is taking time...and other matters

We're leaking!

We were hoping to have much of our refit carried out by this stage, but unfortunately our roof has developed a leak which is setting us back weeks. Builders come and builders go, but in the meantime we look to the heavens wondering if the next downpour will see the ceiling cave in on us! No matter, we press on regardless with our daily sales and services.

Our website

We revamped our website at Christmas and that seems to be much more user friendly, a bit clearer we hope and more navigable. It's a work in progress but it's getting there we think.

Bike Pods

Don't forget we offer bike transport cases for hire if you are going away to events and want a secure way of transporting your bike. Hire periods are by the day or by the week, check the web page or call us to reserve a case before the dates are snapped up.