Busy Season

In common with most bike shops we're now into our busiest period of the year with the workshop busy all day, every day. If you want your bike serviced for a specific event then please give yourself plenty of time to get the service completed. We always try to meet all deadlines but if you leave it to the last minute you may be disappointed.

Bike Pods

If you are off on a trip, don't forget that we hire transport cases to protect your pride and joy from those rascals man handling your luggage. Check out our page for more details. We've got a fair number of cases for hire, but again, don't leave it to the last minute to book yours. Last week all our cases were on their travels!

50% off shirts and shorts

We're still offering 50% off our shirts and shorts to free up room for our Bike Fit area. Call in and grab yourself a bit of a bargain.

Our mate Martin

A few weeks ago our mate Martin was smashed very hard just outside our shop by a motor bike. He's still in hospital with a lot of injuries but we hope he makes a full recovery. Our prayers are with him and his family.

Accident Black Spot

You may have read a number of articles in the local press lately about three or four traffic incidents on the stretch of road between Tooting Bec tube and Ritherdon Road. Yesterday we had a motorbike wheelie 50 meters! Impressive I guess, but you should keep those tricks for the track as your luck runs out sooner or later. Perhaps it's time to put some sort of traffic calming measure in place before someone gets killed!

Abusing our staff & nicking tools

Of course 99.99% of people we meet are lovely and we very much appreciate your custom. Unfortunately we do get the odd character through our door who feels it is their right to use our tools and, if we refuse, they think we're fair play to get some abuse.

Abuse of our staff will not be tolerated. Just like anyone else our staff have a right to come to work and not be abused or threatened. This week we've had to deal with a chap who felt it was his right to use our tools and would not take no for an answer. Though we said no he just grabbed a tool and threatened our most junior staff member as he made off. That's not on.

We have a full CCTV system in place and we record 24/7, needless to say we pass all such images to the Police.