August 2016

Feeling Inspired?

With the success of our Olympic athletes bringing home a record number of medals across the board, we hope that this has inspired you to get active and particularly to get on your bike. As ever we're on hand to get that old war horse into the best shape to take on the miles so drop your cycle in to us and get it serviced by a professional and certified cycle mechanic. 

Bike Pod Hire

Unfortunately we've had a few occasions recently where clients are returning our pods days late (and not wanting to pay the late fee), badly damaged (and claiming it was like that when they picked it up) or missing parts (and debating the costs of replacing the parts). We don't want to argue the toss on your return so this means that our T&Cs are changing. We will now ask you to specifically read and sign all our T&Cs before you take a Bike Pod away.

August Bank Holiday

We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 29 August 2016 thru to Wednesday 31 August  2016. If you have any service work remaining with us for collection that you need you need to collect in by 4pm on Sunday 28 August 2016.