March 2017

Here comes the Sun?

We're emerging from Winter now and looking forward to the season starting again. As ever, as soon as we start to get some light on the sky we can expect the workshop to get busier with service work. Don leave it too late to get your bike serviced, especially if you have an event coming up!


As always we're looking hard at how we can offer our clients a great service. This of course means that we're always keeping up to date with our technical knowledge and training and always looking at new tools and cutting edge processes in our workshop. We were the first workshop locally to have an extensive Shimano & Campagnolo professional tooled & trained workshop. We were also the first local workshop to use a Bio-remedation cleaning system and we're now looking at extending our arsenal even further. We will keep you posted on our updated offer soon.

Service Collection and Delivery?

To keep ahead we're looking closely at offering our clients a Service Collection & Delivery option. This means we're looking at offering clients a Home pick up/delivery time freeing clients of the hassle of bringing their bikes to us. Before we can develop this concept and bring an offer to clients we of course need to see if there's a market for the service so we've set up a quick Poll on our Home Page. If you would like to take part please go here.

Bike Pod Hire

We've had our first Bike Pod Hire of the season already so expect the cases to be doing the rounds again this season. Don't leave it too late to book your case if you are travelling to events this season. Popular dates get snapped up very quickly. If you are interested in booking a box please go here.